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ANGELUS July - August 2014 Marriage


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Theme: Marriage


Letter from the Publisher, Fr. J├╝rgen Wegner

Theme: Marriage

  • The Controversy over Marriage Vows, Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX
  • Marriage and the State of Perfection, Compiled by the Angelus editors
  • Rites of Matrimony Past and Present, Fr. Christopher Danel, SSPX
  • Christian Marriage, Guarantee of the Dignity of the Woman, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre from Against the Heresies

Faith and Morals

  • Law and Marriage Go Together, Brian McCall, J.D. H
  • The Basis of a Happy Wedlock, Pius XI, from Casti Connubii


  • Male and Female He Created Them, Fr. Paul Robinson, SSPX
  • How to Have a Happy Marriage, SSPX Priests

Christian Culture

  • Education: A Magnanimous Man!, Brian McCall, J.D.
  • History: Innocent III, Marriage, and Militant Christendom, Dr. John Rao
  • Liturgy: No Light from the Orthodox East on Christian Marriages, Gabriel S. Sanchez, J.D. 
  • Family Life: Confirmation before Marriage,  Michael J. Rayes

Questions and Answers

  • The Synod on the Family has been in the news now for months. But is this the first Synod of its kind? Or has there been some history behind it?
  • What is the theological value of this meeting? Does it qualify as a magisterial act of the Church?
  • What is the forecast regarding this coming Synod?
  • We have already dealt extensively on the first problem of Communion for remarried divorcees in articles of this issue. The second is certainly a mine field. What about the third issue? What are we talking about when we speak of the natural law?
  • Instrumentum Laboris proposes to improve the language traditionally used in explaining 'Natural Law'. What are we to think of this project of the October Synod?
  • From the statements of these recent popes, it seems as if the natural law is a fixed item in the Church's teaching, not an object of "manipulation," to use the words of the late Pope?
  • Should we repeat our prayer intentions each time we recite the Rosary?

Church and World

  • United States: Black Mass at Harvard Canceled
  • On the Ecumenical Meeting between Pope Francis and the Patriarch Bartholomew
  • United States: An increasingly Hispanic Catholic Church

Theological Studies

  • What God Has Joined, Roberto de Mattei

Letters to the Editor

The Last Word, Father Daniel Couture, SSPX

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