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Novena To The Holy Ghost


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Fr. M. Mischler, S.J.

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Each day includes a short, scholastic definition of each gift of the Holy Ghost, then a profound meditation which is followed by an intense prayer appropriate to that gift. Lastly, one recites the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, the Act of Consecration to the Holy Ghost and the Prayer for the Seven Gifts. This should ESPECIALLY be in the hand of every confirmand, every sponsor, every parent, teacher, priest and religious. We give gifts at Confirmation in imitation of the Holy Ghost, who gives much greater gifts. What better gift is there than helping the confirmed know and love what he has received from Him?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "Holy Ghost"? If it's a bird, there's a small problem. We suspect that 99% of even dedicated Catholics have this same dilemma. Thus we are offering a small book as the solution. This is a Novena booklet unlike any other. Once again, we must return to the motto of the French Seminary in Rome that was so often on the lips of Archbishop Lefebvre and his mentor, Fr. LeFloch: "pietas cum doctrina, doctrina cum pietate" - "piety with doctrine, doctrine with piety." Novena books are usually heavy on piety and pretty short on doctrine, yet, as St. Thomas tells us, "you cannot love what you do not know." How can you love the Holy Ghost and communicate in prayer with Him, if you do not first know Him? If knowing the Holy Ghost puts feathers in your mind, you don't know Him...unfortunately, that's most of us.

This little twenty-four page treasure, like all Novenas, covers a period of daily prayer for nine days:

1) The Holy Ghost
2) Fear
3) Piety
4) Fortitude
5) Knowledge
6) Understanding
7) Counsel
8) Wisdom
9) Fruits

24 pp, Pocket-size. Durable softcover.

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