Palm Sunday, from The Church’s Year by Fr. Goffine

The Church’s Year is the perfect book for family reading. Part I: texts and commentaries for the Epistles, Gospels, and most other Mass prayers (e.g., Introit, Collect, Gradual, etc.) for every Sunday and Holy Day of the liturgical year.

Part II: The Saints – Epistles and Gospels. Focuses on teaching doctrine and morals through the liturgy in Question & Answer format.

“It will bring blessings on any house in which it is kept and used.” -Wm. Henry Elder, Archbishop of Cincinnati, 1884).

814 pp. hard cover (printed litho-wrap), sewn signatures, cream paper. SEWN pages, litho-wrap printed HARDCOVER, and high quality CREAM colored text pages. A family heirloom to last generations.
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Pope John’s Council by Michael Davies

Pope John’s Council, is a classic. Few books can rival its clarity and objectivity. An incredible pattern emerges: a pastoral Council hijacked by a clique of theological liberals who consign to the trash the documents of the Council Preparatory Committee (of which Archbishop Lefebvre was a member), shut off the microphones of those who attempt to defend the Faith (suffering this indignity was no less than the illustrious Cardinal Ottaviani), and co-opting the media so that their spin became “reality”?

Michael Davies spent the last year of his life updating this book. Indispensable to understanding Vatican Council II.
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Open Letter to Confused Catholics by Archbishop Lefebvre

Indiscipline is everywhere in the Church. Committees of priests send demands to their bishops, bishops disregard pontifical exhortations, even the recommendations and decisions of the Council are not respected and yet one never hears uttered the word “disobedience,” except as applied to Catholics who wish to remain faithful to Tradition and just simply keep the Faith. Continue reading

Archbishop Lefebvre: In Memoriam, by Rev. Fr. Michel Simoulin

This account of the last days of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was written by Fr. Michel Simoulin, who was at the time rector of the Society’s seminary in EcĂ´ne, Switzerland. It is taken from Les Cahiers de Controverses, No. 1. It has been translated from the original French and appears for the first time in English. Continue reading

Most Asked Questions about the Society of Saint Pius X

VII But shouldn’t we follow the Pope?

The question of our attitude towards the Pope is a delicate one, especially since there is much confusion amongst Catholics concerning this question. The last fifty years have made this question more important than usual since we have witnessed the introduction of various theories and practices, often by the Popes themselves, that run counter to the perennial teaching of the Catholic Church. It behooves us then to look at the principles involved in this case. Continue reading