A Response to the Oklahoma City Black Mass

Watch a video and see images of the nearly 1000 faithful that came from across the USA to participate in the SSPX’s act of reparation against a Satanic act in OKC on Sunday, September 21.

Catholics of Tradition responded with extraordinary generosity to the calling of a crusade of reparation against the Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City. With only 9 days for notice and planning, 6 priests, 7 seminarians, a group of Franciscan sisters and almost 1,000 lay faithful from across the country converged on Oklahoma City on September 21.

A Solemn Mass was offered by Fr. Daniel Themann in a ballroom filled past capacity and with hundreds of faithful pouring out into the hotel foyer watching the Mass on live video feed. In his sermon, Fr. Themann reminded the faithful that a good soldier is motivated not by the hatred of that which is in front of him but by the love of that which is behind him. Condemning the Satanic blasphemy permitted by civil authorities to occur in the Civic Center, he also reminded the faithful of how each of us has also offended God. He echoed Fr. Wegner’s call for reparation. Continue reading

Call for reparation against Satanic act

The Satanic Black Mass is still planned to be held in Oklahoma City, so Fr. Wegner is calling for reparation.

Despite the novena efforts undertaken to effect the cancellation of the Satanic Black Mass scheduled for September 21 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, this blasphemous event is still due to take place—though at least the consecrated Host in the possession of the Satanist organizer was returned.

Below we present from DICI an update on the current situation in Oklahoma City, but more importantly, a call to reparation from the USA District Superior.

Help make reparation for this offense to Our Lord!

Fr. Jurgen Wegner, the new District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X in America, invites all Catholics to support and assist at a Mass to be celebrated in reparation for the public offenses against the Eucharist and to prevent the Satanic worship planned for Sunday, September 21 in Oklahoma City, OK. Continue reading

Did Vatican II Contradict Traditional Catholic Doctrine on Religious Freedom?

As announced in a previous issue of The Angelus we are posting here a debate between Fr. Harrison and Fr. Laisney discussing Vatican II’s teaching on Religious Liberty. This debate is a continuation of a debate that first was published in the Remnant.

Did Vatican II contradict Traditional Catholic Doctrine on Religious Freedom? Continue reading