The History and Symbolism of Tenebrae

With a dimly-lit church, a rarely-seen candle holder, somber tones, and a candle hidden behind a curtain or the altar, Tenebrae is a unique and special liturgy in the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. Most parishioners who live near … Continue reading

Excerpt from Cross and Crown, Thoughts for Lent, by Fr. Robert Mäder

Here is another great book as Lent approaches: Cross and Crown: Thoughts for Lent, Christ’s Sufferings & Christ the King. Written by the famous preacher and newspaper editor, Fr. Robert Mader, this excellent work contains meditations on Resolutions, Spiritual Hunger, Crucifixion of Passions, Christ’s Sufferings, Spiritual Detox, Triumph of Suffering, Christ the King, Tabernacle as Paradise and many more timely themes. Continue reading

The Altar: Part 3

Having examined the structural components of the altar, we now turn our attention to its appointments and vesture that adorn the stone of sacrifice for the celebration of the sacred liturgy.

Of the various appointments that grace the altar, the first that we must call attention to is the crucifix. While this sacred representation of Our Lord’s Passion is “the principal ornament of the altar”[1]—as well as in the church—and “is essential for the celebration of Mass”,[2] it might surprise some to learn that it was not prescribed for the Latin Rite until the Council of Trent. Equally so, the first altar crosses did not even have a suffering corpus of Our Lord on it. Continue reading

The Meaning of Easter, from “The Church’s Year” by Fr. Goffine

The Church’s Year is the perfect book for family reading.

Part I: texts and commentaries for the Epistles, Gospels, and most other Mass prayers (e.g., Introit, Collect, Gradual, etc.) for every Sunday and Holy Day of the liturgical year.

Part II: The Saints – Epistles and Gospels. Focuses on teaching doctrine and morals through the liturgy in Question & Answer format.

“It will bring blessings on any house in which it is kept and used.” -Wm. Henry Elder, Archbishop of Cincinnati, 1884).
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