By What Authority


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Sir Nicholas is the rock-solid head of his household and a devout Catholic who helps renegade priests hide from her Majesty's men; but across the way lives a Protestant minister with a suspicious eye.

The reader will find himself traveling across the English countryside hunting for priests; the next minute witnessing the happenings at the Queens court. In the midst of all this exists the relationship between a young man and a young lady; one a Catholic, the other a Protestant.

During the Protestant Reformation, Catholic families suffered persecutions of various types. Families were divided; fathers and sons were thrown into jail; priests were hunted down and killed; neighbor turned against neighbor. But through it all, the few priests that remained were able to sustain and convert many.

The tale told in this book is one of suspense, deceit, loyalty, martyrdom, truth and conversion.

558pp. Hardcover.

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