DVD: Fulton Sheen - Family Retreat

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This is the only retreat by the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen recorded on video. Sheen gives twelve conferences to an audience of all ages on the following topics:

-The Devil
-The Mass
-Making the Right Choice
- The Our Father
-Youth and Sex
- "Wasting Your Life for Christ"
-Our Lady
- "Old Pots"
- The Cross

One of his best retreats, preached before a live audience in a church toward the end of Archbishop Sheen's active life. The church was filled with people of all ages: young children, teenagers, and their parents. In this moving presentation, the Archbishop speaks about topics that apply to everyone.

Listen to the Archbishop as he treats, in his usual thorough, articulate and humorous manner, each of these topics, and more!

DVD, color - 6 hours & 4 minutes