Lingua Latina: Caesaris Comentarii

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From Books I (partial), IV, and V of Caesar's Commentary on the Gallic Wars: Caesar: De bello Gallico. From Books I, IV and V. Abridged annotated editions, from Books I (partial), IV, and V. Contains an index of names, and an index of vocabulary. Text and marginal notes are all in Latin. Contains part of Book I.

This text can be read by students who have finished Familia Romana.

Lingua Latina is a complete, universal series that allows students to read and understanding Latin immediately. All words and forms are made clear in the context of reading, illustrations, or marginal notes. The series itself consists of a first year books, Part I: Familia Romana covering the essentials of Latin grammar and 1500 vocabulary words through a story of a Latin family in the 2nd Century A.D. The second book, Part II: Roma Aeterna, cover Roman History and the city of Rome, including a prose version of Virgil's Aeneid I-IV, adapted texts from Livy, and unadapted texts from Livy, Aulus Gellius, Nepos, Sallust, Cicero and Horace.

96 pp. Softcover