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The Jesse Box

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The Jesse Box is an exciting way to teach your children Salvation History through an interactive diorama that lets them act out the story. Taking its cue from the Jesse Trees of old, where the ancestry of Christ was told through pictures and images, the Jesse Box is a way to engage your children in their study of the Sacred Scriptures and Salvation History in a way that will leave them interested and enthusiastic for the next week's story. Before learning more about the Jesse Box, and how it can help you engage your children's love of the Faith, take a moment and watch the following video from the product's creators:

Please note due to program changes, additional stories are only available from the manufacturer's US distributor - Ignatius Press.

This box is a lifetime of learning for your children, and eventually your grandchildren.

Each box contains:

  • 1 diorama or mini theatre
  • 11 wooden cones
  • 9 wooden animals
  • Background scenes, characters, and props for two stories: The Nativity, and Easter
  • A booklet guide for each story

The booklet guides are designed to assist parents or teachers to teach children Biblical history. More stories are available from the manufacturer.

It is certain that this box, perfect for families, homeschooling groups, and children's catechism classes, will help bring the Scriptures to life.

Review by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX

The Jesse Box is something absolutely novel on the market. It consists of interactive Biblical props and backdrops and gets the children physically involved to act up a Bible story or the Holy Gospel. Its main purpose is to introduce children to scripture stories and to help you in the delicate process of passing on the faith to your children. The Jesse Box company believes that the scriptures hold the key to many of life's questions and gives lessons and tips for the future, by introducing our children to them in a simple, fun and exciting way.

This box set is composed of a variety of wooden cones, camels and animals. It has also various sets of props and backdrops and mats. Originally designed as a fixed Christmas set, it gradually developed into a flexible diorama where the backgrounds characters can be changed for every story. This set contains both the Christmas and Easter stories, but more are available from the company, if you desire.

This is the ideal tool for teaching young children and interesting them in the Biblical texts, and it offers them a chance to prepare, perform, watch and unfold the stories before their own eyes. No doubt the authors of the Jesse Box will try to set other scenes with the corresponding props and backgrounds to get the children used to open their box and tools on a weekly basis for family prayer throughout the year. They will develop fond memories of the sacred texts and will be looking forward to explain the mysteries to their younger siblings.

A small caveat is in order. As much as we admire the concept and the benefits of the Jesse Box, perhaps some customers will not be quite satisfied with the quality of the stories as told in the other available booklets. Let them keep in mind that they are simply guidelines and ideas to start the explanation and the prayers which should accompany them. 

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