Chant CD: Vol 11 Requiem and Nuptial Mass

Schola Bellarmina

SKU: 6622

The Requiem Mass for the dead is part of the basic Gregorian Chant repertoire from the early centuries.

This recording includes the complete liturgy of the dead, from taking the body from the house (a ceremony which does not take place at home anymore, but generally on the church yard) to the burial with its magnificent antiphons In Paradisum and Ego sum resurrectio et vita. The musically related Nuptial Mass is also induded on this CD.

The accompanying booklet contains an historical review of the gregorian repertoire for both Masses. The Masses are punctuated with organ music by J.S. Bach.

Sample track: Communio Ecce Virgo, from the Fourth Sunday of Advent

1CD  66min