The Catholic Dogma: Outside the Church there is No Salvation

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THE CATHOLIC DOGMA: "Extra Ecclesiam Nullus omnino Salvatur?"

"Outside of the Church there is positively no Salvation," declared the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215. Pope Innocent III would write, "Not to oppose erroneous Doctrine is to approve of it, and not to defend at all true Doctrine is to suppress it."

The author was a famous Redemptorist who had written renowned books on the Blessed Eucharist, education, and a nine-volume set on God. One Fr. Mueller book (1875) explained the Church's teaching on how and who gets to Heaven. It drew attacks from lying liberal theologians. This book was the definitive reply to these critics.

His refutation is not a pro-Feeneyite catechism. By strengthening his arguments against his critics, however, he has written a convincing positive treatment to illuminate those disbelieving in baptisms other than by water.

Like no other, Fr. Mueller systematically follows St. Thomas Aquinas and the constant teaching of the Church to arrive at his clear and balanced conclusions to this oft-rehearsed question. Though it names names and places of 125 years ago, the forensics and principles are timeless and useful today. The 56 pages of Part I confirms the teaching of no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Part II deduces from this first part and in 131 pages defines those who live in heresy without being guilty of heresy. An Introduction of 67 pages sets the stage of the debate.

- What Protestant belief in Christ is
- What Catholic faith is
- Eight kinds of conscience
- What heretics are not guilty of
- The sin of heresy
- How God leads to salvation those who are inculpably ignorant of the truth.

292pp. Color softcover.