2018 Digital Liturgical Calendar

Angelus Press

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The Angelus Press 2018 Liturgical Calendar is now available for digital download, for use in your Outlook, Google Calendar, Mac Calendar and more! This calendar contains all the same, great information as our standard calendar, but with the added benefit of a short explanation of that day's feast or saint! Start your day at your desk - or on your phone - with the Church's teaching.

Days of fast and abstinence are marked clearly at the beginning of the day's feast with intuitive abbreviations - eg: "(a) First Friday: Candlemas Day..." denotes a day of traditional abstinence from meat.

  • (a)  Day of traditional abstinence from meat - eg: Fridays
  • (f/a)  Day of traditional fast and abstinence from meat - eg: Ember Days
  • (f/pa)  Day of traditional fast and partial abstinence from meat - eg: Lent
  • (F/A)  Obligatory day of fast and abstinence - eg: Ash Wednesday, Good Friday

With this purchase, you'll receive the ability to download both the .csv and the .ics file in a zip file, or you may choose the file type best suited to your needs.

We strongly recommend using the .csv file for Google calendars, regardless of the operating system.  
For example, if you use a Google calendar on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, we suggest importing the .csv into your Google calendar on your web browser.  Otherwise, the feast of the day will take up the entire 24-hour period.

For iPhone and iPad customers, you will want to choose the appropriate file type for your use instead of the compressed (zip) file. If you select the zip file, download it first to a computer. Doing so will allow you to decompress the files and allow you to use whichever format suits your needs. 

For detailed instructions on adding it to your specific calendar application, please see the below links.

Google Calendar


Mac Calendar