2024 Traditional Liturgical Calendar

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2024 Liturgical Calendar (15 Month)

2024 Liturgical Calendar (15 Month)

Discover breathtaking inspiration and reinvigorate your faith with the 2024 Liturgical Calendar. This year's calendar features stirring masterpieces depicting Christ's Passion. As you turn the pages from month to month, these magnificent works edify your spirit and strengthen your connection to God. You will find yourself renewed by Christ's sacrifice and boundless love. Let these passionate paintings fill your heart with hope and purpose. With their rich blend of profound emotion and devotion, they are sure to keep you close to God all year long. Don't just mark the days: let this calendar inspire you all year round. Order yours today!

Size - 12x12

Artwork Credits - Martin Feuerstein (1856 - 1931), The Fourteen Stations of the Cross.  St. Ann Church, Munich, Germany. Catholic Art Company 



As of last year we have returned to our original format including: The class of the feast, the vestment color, the classic fish image for fast and abstinence days (as well as current disciplinary law and recommended traditional discipline for all days of fast and abstinence), and very clearly marked Holy Days of Obligation according to the 1962 Roman Missal...and more room for notes!

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