The Commandments Of God - Audiobook

Angelus Press

SKU: 8408  |  ISBN: 9781892331762

"This is masterfully recorded and fun for the whole family. This audiobook from Angelus Press is truly a 'mobile' catechism. The stories never get old, and we listen in the car on the way to Mass. Best of all, my wife and kids love it, too!"

"Highly entertaining, almost too much fun to be a catechism lesson!"

Today examples are more necessary than ever. Our Lord taught the multitudes through stories and examples. With this audiobook, you will hear and understand the catechism in the same manner Our Lord Jesus Christ preached on earth.

Listen in the car or at home to 186 riveting stories which help to illustrate the meaning and importance of the 10 Commandments. Both children and adults will love this professional and highly entertaining recording.

This audiobook makes the perfect gift for your family or your friends. Every Catholic family should own these audio gems.

These things Jesus spoke to them in parables... and without parables he did not speak to them.

4 CD Set 280min