The Christian Father


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Fr. Cramer explains the high dignity, honor, and responsibility of the vocation of Fatherhood and the virtues necessary to fulfill this important vocation. Since God gave fathers the title He would have us call Him when He entrusted children to their care, the importance of the role of a father cannot be stressed enough. Fathers will understand the great obligation of their vocation which they will be asked to render an account of, and will turn to this book time and time again for important advice on raising children, heading their family, and setting a good example. Includes the prayers fathers should daily raise to heaven to request graces for himself and his family.

The Name of the Father
The Father's Vocation
His Stewardship
His Qualifications
The Christian Mother alone is not Sufficient
The Father Must Be Truly Christian
His Obligations
Dangers to the Faith
Practise the Christian Life
Keep Holy the Sabbath
Choice of a State in Life
The Father at Prayer

208pp, gold embossed hardcover, 24 illustrations.