Christmas: Midnight Mass And Mass Of The Day

Paraclete Press

SKU: 8479B  |  ISBN: 9781557251008

Includes Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, Offertories, Communions, Responses, Sequences, Hymns, and Tropes from the Midnight Mass and the Mass of the Day.

Track 1-Introit     Dominus Dixit
Track 2-Gradual     Tecum Principium
Track 3-Alleluia     Dominus Dixit
Track 4-Offertory     Laetentur
Track 5-Communion     In Splendoribus
Track 6-Responsory     Sancta
Track 7-Sequence     Laetabundus
Track 8-Hymn     Christe Redemptor
Track 9-Introit     Puer
Track 10-Ambrosian Gloria
Track 11-Gradual     Viderunt
Track 12-Alleluia     Dies Sanctificatus
Track 13-Offertory     Tui Sunt
Track 14-Communion     Viderunt
Track 15-Hymn     A Solis Ortus
Track 16-Trope     Ecce Nomen

1CD 41 min