Garden Way's Joy of Gardening

SKU: 8319  |  ISBN: 9780882663197

So vivid you can almost smell the dirt and taste the fresh vegetables!

The locals around here say this is the best book on gardening. We say gardening is the smart investment. You can't eat your IRA or your precious metals! More food, better food, safer food, and, if you follow this book, cost-effective food. So many pictures (in full color) we can't count them. At-a-glance charts and great how-to instructions make the author's famous short, wide-row, high-yield, organic methods accessible to everyone.

-planting wide, multi-crop rows - preparing soil - starting plants - stop weeds cold - garden care - rules of watering - plants that become next year's fertilizer - a vegetable treasury (everything you wanted to know about 16 different vegetables) - insects and diseases - trench-planting for earliest and healthiest tomatoes - using tin cans for sweeter melons - the advantages of raised-bed planting.

Easygoing, folksy, enthusiastic manner. Raymond was a home gardener of 40 years' experience who inspired thousands in standing-room only classes around the US, radio and television appearances, and best-selling books.

A garden is a catechism of virtue and purification of the soul. Gardeners learn once and don't make the mistake again. Turn any patch of ground into a lush, bountiful vegetable garden. Plan today: garden seed purchases were up 40% in 2008. If all you have is a tight suburban lot, yard gardens are one of the hot things to try. Book includes Resource Guide.

366pp. Large (10" x 8 1/2") four-color softcover. Indexed.