Gregorian Melodies Volume 2

Paraclete Press

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Following the success of Gregorian Melodies, the monks of Solesmes have released Gregorian Melodies II. This volume contains more of the most popular chants including the Te Deum, Stabat Mater, and Ave Maria. There are also chants for the Liturgical Year from Advent to Pentecost, chants devoted to Our Lady and the Blessed Sacrament, and the Mass of the Angels. All of the pieces on the recording have a corresponding page number next to the listing that refers to the Liber Cantualis.

This is an ideal CD with which to become acquainted with Gregorian chant. The sensitive performances by Dom Richard Gagne and the monks of Solesmes enhance the value of this series.

Mass of the Angels
     Track 1-Sprinkling of Holy Water     Asperges me
     Track 2-Sprinkling, Eastertide     Vidi aquam
     Track 3-Kyrie VIII
     Track 4-Gloria VIII
     Track 5-Alleluia     Tu es Petrus
     Track 6-Sanctus VIII
     Track 7-Agnus VIII
     Track 8-Hymn     Conditor alme siderum
     Track 9-Alleluia     Ostende nobis
     Track 10-Puer nobis in Bethlehem
     Track 11-Alleluia     Dominus dixit
 The Passion
     Track 12-Hymn     Gloria laus
     Track 13-Sequence     Stabat Mater
     Track 14-Alleluia     Confitemini Domino
     Track 15-Brief Responsory     Spiritus Paraclitus
 Benediction of the Holy Sacrament
     Track 16-Chant of Exposition     O salutaris
     Track 17-Chant of Exposition     Ecce panis
     Track 18-Hymn     Pange lingua gloriosi
     Track 19-Psalm 116     Laudate Dominum
Chants to Our Lady
     Track 20-Antiphon     Alma Redemptoris
     Track 21-Antiphon     Ave Maria
     Track 22-Antiphon     Ave Regina caelorum
     Track 23-Brief Responsory     Ave Maria
     Track 24-Hymn     Ave maris stella
From the Office for the Departed
     Track 25-Antiphon and Benedictus     Ego sum
     Track 26-Hymn     Te Deum

1CD 61min