Home Instructor in Penmanship

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by America's most well-known, beloved, and finest Master Penman, F. W. Tamblyn

The result of 50 years of instruction in the art of business writing and ornamental penmanship to students the world over. Learn-at-home program combining instruction lessons, exercises, and advice to teach and recover the lost art of expressive handwriting.

How handsome and unique is the handwritten letter in a the black-hole world of computer-printed and emailed correspondence. The Tamblyn Method concentrates on flowing and easy movement.

How to practice and breathe; kinds of pens, papers, inks, and pen holders; posture of body; positions of arms, feet, paper, and desk; movements of forearms and fingers; principles of lines and curves; do's and don'ts; sequential method.

Spiral-bound to lay flat. Translucent paper overlays to check angle and size of exercises. Your handwriting skill may inspire home copying commissions! In the depths of barbarism, the Catholic Church once preserved her most precious texts by having her monks copy and illuminate them. The new era of barbarity and illiteracy demands a resurrection of the art of penmanship.

174pp., all illustrated. Spiral bound.