How to Understand the Mass

SKU: 8285  |  ISBN: 0000978943260

By the same author who compiled the St. Andrew Daily Missal.

Unique in that it strongly focuses on the Sacrificial aspect of the Mass. The first seven pages are dedicated to explaining "What is a Sacrifice?" The remainder of the book focuses on each part of the Mass explaining it in simple, doctrinal terms along with 39 brilliant illustrations by classic St. Andrew missal artist, Joseph Speybrouck, each with its own explanation.

Each illustration has three parts. In the foreground to the right, we see the action of the priest via the "pew-view." To the left, we see a close up image of the priest. In the background, is an historical or eschatological image depicting the action at the altar or the prayer being said.

121pp. Softcover, illustrated.

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