C-Life of the Venerable Liberman

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Son of a rabbi becomes a priest, converts thousands of Africans to Christ. You won't see that story in any Hollywood feature film but it happened over a century ago, and now Francis Libermann is up for canonization. Here's his electrifying life story, based on volumes of his inspiring private letters. Fr. Libermann's conversion was only the beginning of an epic spiritual journey marked by terrible trials and reversals, spiritual and even physical.

The Venerable Libermann is of particular interest to traditionalists because he was the superior of the Holy Ghost Fathers (and its veritable second-founder). Archbishop Lefebvre was also the Superior General of this order from 1962-68, when he resigned rather than preside over its destruction at the hands of progressives. He implored the Holy Ghost Fathers to take inspiration from the Venerable Libermann, but they would not. The auto-destruction of the Church decimated the Holy Ghost Fathers in the following years.

333 pp. Hardcover