Mother of God

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"The number of books on Mary is immense, significantly proving a realization of her essential place in the Christian system. But for all their number, they leave a gap, and this masterly work of Fr. Cyril Bernard fits neatly into it. The great bulk of those books do not get down to the doctrinal bedrock on which all devotion stands; they take it for granted."

It is precisely this doctrinal bedrock on which Fr. Cyril Bernard Papali places his profound, yet approachable book, Mother of God. Fr. Papali considers Marian doctrine from the perspectives of both Scripture and Tradition. With deep insight, this book covers topics such as:

  • Mary's Predestination
  • The Immaculate Conception
  • Mary's Place in Creation
  • Mary's Role in Redemption
  • Mary's Universal Maternity
  • More

This book will help you better defend and explain the Church's teaching about the Blessed Virgin Mary and will also lead to an increase in devotion to our Heavenly Queen.

Hardcover. 174 pp.