Nelson-Mass: Missa in Angustiis (Joseph Haydn) CD

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Nelson-Mass: Missa in angustiis (Joseph Haydn) #7403

In the service of Princess Esterhazy, Josph Haydn had to compose a mass each year for the occasion of her namesday, starting in 1796. The mass he composed for this purpose in 1798 was evidently influenced by the impressions of Napoleon's conquests and the resulting distress, from which Austria was not spared; hence the name "Mass in Times of Peril". This mass has, however, become known as the "Nelson-Mass", thanks to Admiral Horatio Nelson's visit at Princess Esterhazy's palace in Eisenstadt in 1800, on which occasion the Mass was performed.

Eisenstadt is close to Pinkafeld where this 25th choir week took place and this recording was made; the choir week singers had the opportunity to make a field trip there to see Esterhazy's palace and the church where Haydn regularly performed his music.

The performances were at St George's Cathedral in Wiener Neustadt, and the picturesque pilgrimage church to Our Lady in Pollauberg.

Missa in Angustiis (Nelson-Mass by Joseph Haydn) (2012)