Preaching Well

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What makes a great sermon -- or a bad one?
This prominent speech expert supplied the answers in his guide for Catholics who preach, teach or give speeches. Dull, shapeless and uninspiring sermons aren't a uniquely modern phenomenon, but they do seem more common than ever. Why? Lack of proper training, mainly.
Decades ago, addressing this problem, the Milwaukee Archdiocese hired Marquette University speech professor William Duffey to instruct priests and seminarians in every aspect of preaching, from composition to delivery. Such was Dr. Duffey's success that, after 30 years of refining his lessons, he distilled them into this widely-used manual.
Professor Duffey delivers a complete course in how to prepare and deliver a sermon or speech, and how to improve one's speaking ability:

-The great rule for instructing listeners in religious matters
-The type of preacher that listeners mistrust most
-The 5 proper goals of a sermon, speech or discourse. Why one must be dominant
-5 basic methods of oral presentation (e.g., the memorized speech and the extempore speech) and when to use them. Advantages, disadvantages and techniques of each
-Different types of pulpit address, and their distinctive styles, characteristics and rules
-The unique characteristics of preaching -- and why it should be studied only after other styles are well grasped
-The first step in preparing material for a sermon
-4 criteria in choosing a good subject. Five ways of collecting material for sermons
-The decisive moment in a speech: where it comes, and how to structure a sermon around it
-False leads: the single most common fault of speakers, especially preachers
-The 3 basic emotions that, properly kindled in preaching, can best lead men to God. But beware of emotionalism.

BONUS: Practice exercises end each chapter
APPENDIX: Techniques for improving posture, gesture, breath control, vocal tone and volume
Detailed table of contents and extensive index

284 pp.- hardcover