A Saint under Moslem Rule

Angelus Press

SKU: 8274  |  ISBN: 9780978298579

A book of unusual power, scholarship, and interest. Though restricted to 9th century Cordova under Moorish domination, it is a typical picture of the tremendous life-and-death struggle, the religious and cultural conflict, between two antagonistic and incompatible civilizations: Catholic and Moslem.

Great leaders stand forth like St. Eulogius, the central figure of this history and his dear friend St. Alvaro. Chance of victory there was none for Cordova at this bleak hour. One could only show that men and women would never be wanting to carry on the conflict until the victory should be won.

We see the ancient Mozarabic rite up close as we listen to chants and prayers, attend a baptism, wedding, ordination and lastly the solemn services performed over the martyred body of the leader of the Mozarabic Christians.

245 pp, softcover