Samurai And The Tea

SKU: 8013  |  ISBN: 0001591093805

Historical novel of a Japanese-American Catholic boy who rediscovers the importance of the Faith after being mystically transported back to the scenes of important events in the history of Japanese Catholicism. Appropriate for older children and adults.

"The Samurai and the Tea ... is a powerful little book. It is a literary expression of the saying of Archbishop Lefebvre that our future lies in our past. And the choice of Japan for a glorious past is fitting. Japan has seen heroism almost continually in its Christian history: persecution, betrayal, and perseverance without the sacraments. Though not our ancestry, it speaks to us. Being Catholics, they are ours. The book also, by telling the story, gives a hint of the beauty and strength of chanoyu, the Way of Tea. It is true that the missionaries were practitioners of it in the 16th century ....The lessons Michael learns, the family he comes to appreciate, the faith he learns, and the maturity he acquires through suffering are also things which make this an appealing story. It speaks of the necessity of grace and knowledge through suffering. This is a lesson greatly needed in the modern world." - Fr. James Doran

138 pp. Softcover.

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