C-Soldiers Of Christ: The Battle Continues (VHS)

Angelus Press

SKU: 8122V

For the first time on video, witness the interview of a woman who suffered 26 years of imprisonment for her Catholic Faith in China.

Mrs. Rose Hu, B.Ed., was imprisoned in Shanghai shortly after her baptism at the age of 15. She relates her story - and the stories of the sufferings and martyrdom of many heroic Chinese Catholic bishops, priests, and faithful. These accounts, with striking photos, show the tragic reality of Communism in China, and the unwavering hope of those who have suffered. Following this account is a detailed analysis of the Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church based upon the Church's documents and Our Lady of Fatima's warning in 1917. Fr. Trevor Burfitt, of the Society of Saint Pius X, explains the dangerous thread of Communist ideas existing in the liturgical "reforms" of Vatican II, especially in the Novus Ordo Mass.

VHS 45 minutes

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