The Story Book of Science

SKU: 8316  |  ISBN: 9781599150253

Creation is a classroom and a catechism

Renowned Catholic scientist and bugman Fabre said, "After 87 years of thought and observation, I say not merely that I believe in God ‰ۡÌÝ?I can even say that I see Him." See (70 illustrations) and read what he meant in this ultimate classic nature book on plants and animals as "Uncle Paul" (Fabre) converses about nature's wonders with three imaginary children who ask him to tell "true stories." In 80 chapters, Uncle Paul unlocks the mysteries of God's creation:

-ants - underground cities - spiders' suspension bridges - habits of cows and sheep - length of plants and animal life - insect venom - the properties of metals, gold, the iron kettle, metal plating - fleece, flax, cotton, paper, rope - thunder and lightning - clouds - experiments with cold water and cats - sun, moon, stars, and sky - poisonous plants - volcanoes - fruit, pollen, bees, honey - mushrooms - earthquakes - seasons - shells, snails, pearls, caterpillars, silk - sea, salt, waves.

More important than ever (first published in 1917) in a world going virtual. Stock up your child's experiential storehouse of knowledge with this miraculous and marvelous treasure hunt. You and your child learn something new every day. If God so takes care of his plants and animals, how much more us?

438pp. 6" x 9", softcover. Illustrated.

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