Why Do Catholics Eat Fish on Friday?

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The Catholic Origin of Just About Everything: Unearthing the present and forgotten Catholic roots of what we say and do in everyday America

Page after page on the surprising Catholic origin of just about everything in holidays, entertainment, plants and animals, politics, and the English language. Not written specifically for traditional Catholics, but an impressive body of fascinating study proving the indelible yet often unrecognized mark of Catholic belief in the present-day world, even in non-Catholic societies like the US, which resonate with the influence of Catholic ways and words:

The seven black spots on a LADYBUG symbolize the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. GOODBYE is an Old English variation of "God be with ye." GROUNDHOG DAY comes from a Candlemas tradition. CHAMPAGNE pioneered by Benedictines. St. Augustine, Father of SNACK FOOD. THE TRINITY on the dollar bill. The game of LA CROSSE is derived from the French missionary word crozier

An interesting thing happens when you read this book. All of a sudden, you become aware that the littlest and most common things and events of the day are echoes of the Catholic Faith and spark your recollection. What a find! Worthwhile table-talk.

214pp. Softcover