Open Letter To Confused Catholics - Audiobook

Abp. Marcel Lefebvre

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A popular study of the crisis in the Church written for all to understand. Covers the Mass, Sacraments, Priesthood, the New Catechisms, Ecumenism, etc., and demonstrates the new spirit in the Church which has caused doubt and confusion among the faithful. Has served as a beacon for thousands; certain to become a classic.

What our customers are saying...

"My listening experience with Angelus Press's latest audiobook was one of profound awakening and spiritual consolation. Never before have I listened so intently to an audio production."

"Since listening to this audiobook, my perspective on the fundamental truths of the Catholic Faith has been forever strengthened."

"Incredible. After listening to these CDs, I felt like I was able to personally connect with the mind of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre."

"What touched me most was the firm balance Archbishop Lefebvre possessed in his views on the Faith."

"One notices how the narrator does an exquisite job of captivating his audience."

"I passed along my copy of this audio book to my sister who has never come near Tradition. She listened to it and was very moved. I was impressed; she was completely convinced by the Archbishop. She said the recording was beautiful. She would attend the Latin Mass if it were available out here! We'll see what happens next..."

Essential listening for Catholics everywhere. The definitive introduction to the 20th century's crisis in the Catholic Church.

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6 CD Set. 6 hours 40 minutes