2021 Angelus Press Conference "Catholics and Persecution"

50 Years Since Humanae Vitae – Talk by Bishop Fellay



This year's title and theme is:

 "Catholics and Persecution" 

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Persecution is a word that resonates with Catholics throughout the ages and around the world. No era has passed without first attacking the Catholic Church and her faithful, and yet the one true Faith still stands and its dogmas and the holy sacrifice endure unchanged.

Due to the efforts of Archbishop Lefebvre, the traditional Mass survived the tumultuous post-conciliar years, and continues to be both our heritage and salvation. Today's current situation only further reveals both the strength of the perennial faith and the weakness of its new parody; as parish after parish denies the sacraments to their faithful, the traditional Mass continues to grow and thrive. It is precisely because of this success that the traditional Mass is now undergoing further sanctions.

At the 2021 Angelus Press conference, we will discuss the impact of Traditionis Custodes, how we can protect our churches from the State, and how Catholics have survived persecutions throughout history. Fr. Pagliarani, the new superior general of the Society of Saint Pius X is our keynote speaker this year.  Please join us!

Despite the chaos around us, Angelus Press will be having its 11th conference for Catholic Tradition in person. 




Although there is currently a mask mandate in Kansas City, we are hopeful it will be lifted before the conference.  If it is NOT lifted, the hotel has assured us that masks will not be required in our lecture halls, banquet room, and vendor spaces. In public spaces, however, a mask will need to be worn. These spaces include elevators, hallways, lobby areas. We hope this minor inconvenience, if necessary, is outweighed by the formation and camaraderie that characterize our conference.

Please let us know if you plan to attend as quickly as possible. Questions and comments concerning this year’s conference, Catholics and Persecution, should be directed to conference@angeluspress.org. As we continue to serve the cause of traditional Catholicism please continue to pray for us, the cause, and Holy Mother Church during these difficult times.