Our Apostolate

Angelus Press was founded in 1978 in Dickinson, Texas, by Fr. Carl Pulvermacher, OFM. We began as an apostolate of the Society of St. Pius X to provide traditional Catholic literature and doctrine to Americans confused by the changes in the Church after Second Vatican Council and the introduction of the New Mass. Although run almost entirely by volunteers, Fr. Carl Pulvermacher and his small band of faithful helpers ensured that, in the whirlwind of changes happening in the 1970’s, faithful Catholics could find reliable, traditional Catholic teaching.

Shortly after this humble beginning, Archbishop Lefebvre gave us the mandate to be the official publisher of his works in English. He wanted to be sure that Americans and other English-speaking Catholics would know of his work and that of the Society of St. Pius X.

By the grace of God, after almost 40 years of continued growth, Angelus Press now offers over six hundred titles, of which over 250 are our own publications. We continue not only to fortify traditional Catholics so that they can defend the Faith, we also reach out to those who have not yet found Tradition. St. John Bosco once said “Only God knows the good that can come about by reading one good Catholic book.”

Being blessed by Providence over the years, Angelus Press has grown now to become the official communications arm of the U.S. District. This means that, in addition to the books and The Angelus magazine, we:

  • Host an annual conference to help form the faithful;
  • Manage and publish the internal and external bulletins of the Society, including the Regina Coeli Report, the Priest’s Bulletin, and the upcoming magazine for the missions;
  • Manage the US District’s official website, SSPX.org;
  • Assist with the launching of the upcoming international SSPX News agency.

    This “hidden” side of the work of Angelus Press, besides strengthening the faithful, is more often than not, the first contact with those searching for Tradition. This apostolic outreach is critical to rebuilding the Church.

    Our Conference for Catholic Tradition in 2016 was dedicated to the missions. While we discussed the foreign missions in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, we wanted to stress that everywhere is effectively mission territory today. Even here in America, we can truly say that the work of the Society, and of Angelus Press, is a missionary effort!

    As part of this missionary effort, Angelus Press and the US District have been supplying books and materials free of charge to several important groups of people. The first group are those priests interested in coming to Tradition and wanting to learn the traditional Latin Mass and sacraments. We receive hundreds of requests for help and assistance, not only on how to offer the traditional Latin Mass, but for a wide range of information about Tradition itself.

    The second group are the imprisoned. Never has the call to visit the sick and imprisoned and to instruct the ignorant been so important. These are the forgotten souls of society and desperately need help. Many of these men and women desire to spend their time reconciling with Christ and His Church, and in helping those souls around them find the truth. They are surrounded by the enemy and have no means to fight, and often not even the tools to defend themselves. Angelus Press, along with a few faithful helpers, is providing all the material we can to those who ask. We have sent hundreds of packages to prisoners all over the country, but with your help we could do even more. Won’t you help us give these men and women a chance to know, love, and serve God?

    Finally, one of the biggest projects we're helping with in 2017 will be the introduction of an official news agency for the SSPX. Operating out of the General House in Menzingen, Switzerland, our team will be collaborating with several other groups around the world to provide daily, traditional Catholic analysis of current events. The scope of this work is tremendous—as is the time and money involved—but we believe, more than ever, there are souls desperate to know what the Church has always taught, believed, and practiced.

    Most publishers are simply out to make money; while we want to sell books, profit is not our primary motive. If the goal were simply to make money, we would immediately cease much of the work that we do, including our outreach to prisoners and the foreign missions. What we are trying to do, in every medium, is reach more and more souls, to show them the riches of the Catholic Faith and the beauty of Tradition. Whether this is a missal to help assist at the Mass of all time, an audio conference on Catholic doctrine, a DVD on life of Archbishop Lefebvre, or outreach on social media to confused Catholics, we are multiplying our efforts every day, to be true apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Although publishing books will always remain our core business, it is (sadly!) undeniable that reading books is no longer the primary method of their formation today. Whether it’s the hectic pace of modern life, the general decline in reading, or the simple demands of raising a large family, even a few minutes to read a magazine seems difficult to find. This is not only why we continue to expand our audio selections, but why we need to reach Catholics wherever they are, even on social media.

    Because the modernist crisis is worse than ever, the remedy is even more necessary. The eternal truths of the Catholic Faith need to reach more souls, souls destined for eternal life by Almighty God.

    Please consider helping us in this effort, and please keep us in your prayers.

    I write as a Catholic priest carrying an enormous debt of gratitude to the publishing and internet communication apostolate of the Society of St. Pius X. For The Angelus magazine, which provides a broad spectrum of Catholic themes articulating both contemporary and timeless issues, all which broaden vision by bringing together faith, spirituality and Christian culture; for providing access to publications encompassing almost every aspect of Catholic devotional and intellectual life; for your internet essays and videos which assist the Catholic to sort through the chaos of the present historical moment by offering intelligent and balanced analysis and commentary; for all of these oases in a desert: thank you! May Our Lord continue to grace your labors.” —A diocesan priest being welcomed into the Society of St. Pius X