El Cid: God's Own Champion

SKU: 8275  |  ISBN: 9780979630101

An inspiring new biography of the extraordinary "Knight of Vivar" chosen by God to save his nation from Islam. Known as El Cid, Rodrigo Diaz is a legendary hero who is directly relevant to modern times. Exiled by his king, insulted and maligned by those who should have supported him, he selflessly fought against seemingly insurmountable odds to save Christian Spain.

An example of what can be achieved through devotion to duty, prayer, and trust in God. For children 12 and up.

186pp, softcover, 50+ illustrations & maps

By purchasing El Cid, God's Own Champion through Angelus Press you can help in the building of a much needed new church at St. Mary's Academy and College in St. Mary's, Kansas. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book, through Angelus Press, will be donated to assist in the building of this beautiful new house of God.

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