Heaven's Treasures

Fr. Winfrid Herbst

SKU: 8672  |  ISBN: 1-931555-98-2

These talks were given by the great storyteller, Fr. Winfrid Herbst, in the early part of the 20th century. So well-received were these talks that it was decided to put them in print so that all Catholic children across America could benefit from them. Parents and teachers alike will also find them useful as tools for teaching the Faith or as a read-aloud. Contained in this work are talks about Virtues, the Holy Family, the Liturgical Year (and how to observe the different seasons properly), Angels, School Days, and many certain truths found within our Catholic Faith.

From each and every story, the child should be able to draw good thoughts, from which they will be directed to make good resolves. Thus these stories will have a salutary influence on the lives of children and help them to grow in goodness; to become model Catholic boys and girls. 

Softcover, 206 pages.