King Arthur and His Knights

Howard Pyle

SKU: 8761  |  ISBN: 9781949124200

“Yea, he who is a true king of men, will not say to himself, 'Lo! I am worthy to be crowned with laurels;' but rather will he say to himself, 'What more is there that I may do to make the world the better because of my endeavors?’” 
Written and illustrated in 1903, at the height of children’s literature, these books have inspired generations to greatness of thought and the acquisition of true virtue. The first book in this four volume series for children focuses on the tale of the future King Arthur and how he came to win his famous sword and to create his round table.
“So endeth the story of the winning of Excalibur, and may God give unto you in your life, that you may have His truth to aid you, like a shining sword, for to overcome your enemies; and may He give you faith. (for faith containeth truth as a scabbard containeth its sword). For with truth and faith girded upon you, you shall be as well able to fight all your battles as did that noble hero of old, whom men called King Arthur." 
Give your children a vision of a world in which virtue and beauty matters and these truths will stay with them for their entire lives!


336 pp Illustrated