Know Your Mass

Fr. Demetrius Manousos

SKU: 1022  |  ISBN: 9781892331441

Originally published by the Catechetical Guild in 1954 (Imprimatur Francis Cardinal Spellman), this is a "comic" book unlike any other. Know Your Mass is a detailed, fully illustrated, step by step explanation of the Traditional Latin Mass now reprinted for the first time in full color!

The book presents the theology of the Mass in a manner easily understood by children and yet is incredibly interesting and informative for adults as well. This should come as no surprise to those who have read The Seven Sacraments, another Angelus Press reprint by Fr. Manousos, who has the amazing ability to take solid theology and present it to children...without dumbing it down. He was truly a gifted writer.

This makes Know Your Mass an excellent catechetical tool for all ages. All parts of the Holy Sacrifice are covered, from the preparation for Mass, the altar, sacred vessels and vestments, liturgical actions, the sanctuary, and some liturgical history as well, including helpful suggestions for children to get the most or should we say GIVE the most at Mass. Ideal, NO, PERFECT, as a First Holy Communion gift. Great for converts as well.

Anyone who delves into this book cannot come away ignorant of the true significance of the liturgical representation of Our Lord's Sacrifice on Calvary that is the Holy Mass. Highly recommended.

96pp, softcover.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Margaret Hillenbrand
Informative for all Ages!

I ordered this book specifically because I heard it recommended by another convert who attends TLM regularly. She's correct- I think there's something about learning the Mass from the Altar Servers standpoint. This book has artist's renderings and explanations of "why and how" everything is done in the Latin Mass. I appreciate the delivery of the message. Thank you Angelus Press for continuing to carry this book!


Love the book. Arrived timely and in great shape!

Rex Currin
Latin Mass


Thomas Berryman
Why isn't this book in print?

I got a copy from a third-party vendor at Amazon. I'm looking for a few more to give as Christmas gifts. I think this book could be a great seller, especially for young people who want to learn how the Mass is supposed to be celebrated, in all of its magnificence and glory. As Cardinal Edward Egan called Mass, "practicing for Heaven." Maybe you could release it in pdf or as an ebook.

Merry Nessinger
This is a great book for children to learn to follow the Mass.

Since the prayers are in English the young children can understand what is being said by the priest. We used it at home with our seven year old along with a DVD of the Mass. What she learned at home transferred to the Mass in Church so she was able to participate and understand more fully. I am ordering a second copy for a friend.