Short Stories Mostly Boys Hard Cover


SKU: 9108  |  ISBN: 978-09755250-29

Written in the 1800s, Mostly Boys and New Faces and Old showcase the classroom, pastimes, and life in general at the turn of the century. Father Finn teaches many valuable life lessons such as the importance of honesty, a spirit of honor, obedience, kindness and many more. He provides countless hours of fun and enjoyable reading for the entire family!

While introducing the readers to new characters and situations, the short stories in Mostly Boys and New Faces and Old bring back some familiar characters whom the readers have met in other Father Finn books including Claude Lightfoot, Tom Playfair, and Gerald O'Rourke. In one story Father Finn mentions Father Faber's Tales of the Angels which is included as a bonus in this three-in-one book!