St Therese of Liseux - Letters to Her Spiritual Brothers

Norman Russell

SKU: 8699  |  ISBN: 9781937843656

Letters to Her Spiritual Brothers collects the correspondence between St. Thérèse of Lisieux and missionaries Fr. Adolphe Roulland and Fr. Maurice Bellière.

The letters cover the practical and spiritual aspects of religious, clerical, and missionary life in the 19th century, and offer a unique glimpse into the soul of one of the most beloved saints in recent history.

In addition to the letters themselves, this edition includes an overview of the lives of Frs. Roulland and Bellière, and additional documents relevant to their correspondence with St. Thérèse. In order to assist the reader in better understanding the context and circumstances surrounding the letters, substantive footnotes have been incorporated throughout. 

Although more than a century has passed since they were written, these letters confront perennial themes familiar to Christians of every generation. Every Catholic, whether clerical, religious, or lay, will discover immense spiritual benefits in this unique collection. 

152 pages. Softcover. Photographs.