The Golden Princess and the Moon

Anna Maria Mendell

SKU: 8849  |  ISBN: 9781621381938

The Golden Princess and the Moon is a classic retelling of “Sleeping Beauty,” steeped in legend and magic.

The beautiful but spoiled Princess Rosamund (Rosa for short) has squandered the seven faerie gifts given her on her christening day. She must reclaim these gifts in order to face a terrible curse cast long before her birth. Prince Erik grew up hearing stories of a sleeping princess, but all does not end happily when he wakes her. For what happens when a princess of legend awakens in a world that fears all to do with the old kingdom and Færie?

Intertwined in both Rosa’s and Erik’s lives is the figure of the Golden King and the ancient curse that separated him from his faerie bride. The luminous world evoked by Anna Maria Mendell in this, her first full-length work, is unforgettable, and will delight readers of all ages.

358 pp. STK# 8849 $16.95