Bishop Sheens Life Of Christ

Random House, Inc.

SKU: 8306  |  ISBN: 9780385132204

Bishop Sheen's masterpiece. "Christendom is over, but not Christ."

Some say this is the best of Sheen's 84 books, his poem of the God-Man. (Don't blame him for the book's cover art!) The greatest Life told by one of the greatest wordsmiths of the dramatic, especially in the temptation scenes, Christ's conversations with sinners, and above all the Passion. Sheen's take on Joseph, Mary, Peter and the Apostles, Herod, Pilate, etc. A master of paradox, Bishop Sheen restates old truths in vivid and appealing ways with style, insight, and depth of spirituality, the fruits of his catechizing, meditation, and preaching. A winning combination of Scripture fact, Church teaching, philosophy, reality, and composition of place. The Life of Christ was the prehistory of the Catholic Church, as the Catholic Church is the posthistory of the Life of Christ. Historical yet contemporary; modern parallels drawn from timeless lessons. Need meditation?

476pp. Softcover.