Essential Latin Hymns

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This collection of hymns was created to aid those wishing to sing while at the Divine Office, Benediction, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. While by no means exhaustive, these curated hymns are an excellent starting place for all those looking to deepen their liturgical participation.  

In an effort to preserve and share this inestimable part of the Church's liturgical patrimony, we have created a comprehensive online resource that offers free training videos for each of the 53 select hymns, making this spiritual treasure accessible to everyone, everywhere in the English-speaking world. 

(Click here to watch training videos now.)

Training videos are free and will be posted daily for the first two weeks and then once a week after that! 

By learning and singing these hymns, you will not only deepen your faith and devotion, but join the voices of Catholics throughout history who chose to honor and worship God with their hearts, minds, and voices.

Customer Reviews

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Kristine Forbing
A Good Start

A nice selection of hymns for all Catholics to know...I was surprised to see a few hymns I have never sung (and I was in our choir for several years). I am excited to learn these unfamiliar hymns.
It is also fantastic to have the training videos to learn them correctly.

Clare Wilson
Perfect Book to Have on Hand

I'm very excited to use this with my music students. They are studying chant this year, and I'm so glad they will be able to apply and reinforce what they learn while using this hymn book.

kerri keller

I ordered five copies for the kids

Judith Johnson
Deo Gratias!

Since beginning to host monthly Mass at our house in early 2020 I have been looking for ways to encourage the people who come to Mass to sing! This little book and the accompanying videos might just be an excellent way to accomplish this!

Michael Cooney

This is a true gem if a resource.