Jubilate Deo

FSSPX Catholic Youth Movement (KJB) Andrew Pearce

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Jubilate Deo (Choir Week's Chamber Choir)

Choir Week's Chamber Choir has recorded a number of works from 2012 - 2015. A choice selection has been compiled to this new album and first-ever dedicated Chamber Choir production. Jubilate Deo is an array of musical Divine Praises, by a broad range of composers from Renaissance to contemporary, rounded off by two very contradistinctive, virtuoso organ works. Don't worry if your German is a little rusty, as this album's booklet is in English, too!

̴Jubliate Deo (chamber choir)

Domenico Card. Bartolucci
Jubilate Deo

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Psalm 100

Otto Olsson
Jesu dulcis memoria

Johann Sebastian Bach
"Jesus Christus unser Heiland" for organ BWV 688

Tomas Luis de Victoria
Magnificat primi toni

Anton Bruckner
Christus factus est

Josef Bohuslav Foerster
Stabat Mater op. 56

Ruggiero Giovannelli
Jubilate Deo

Marcel Duprí©
Prelude and Fugue g-minor for organ op.7/3

Pierre Villette
Hymne ÌÎÌ_ la Vierge

Marco Enrico Bossi
Inno di Gloria (Westminster Abbey) op. 76/A