Praying with the Saints - Winter

Fr. Patrick Troadec, SSPX

SKU: 8836  |  ISBN: 9781685290269

“The best way to celebrate the saints is to imitate them. Why not try to live as they did, if only for one day, their day, the day consecrated and blessed by the Church, when they are ‘on duty’ to help us?”—Monsignor Ghika

This book of daily meditations is the third volume released in a four-volume series entitled Praying with the Saints by Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. These books serve as a brief daily guide to following in the footsteps of the saints through the liturgical year as well as on our life-long journey to eternity. The example of a new saint everyday will surely direct and motivate souls to a deeper union with God and a habitual higher level of sanctity. 
Begin your day with the following inspiration:
• Life of the Saint 
• Brief Meditation 
• Prayers 
• Thoughts
• Invocations 
• and Three Resolutions to aid in concrete, daily, spiritual growth.

If you are looking for a way to integrate prayer or spiritual reading into your daily life or want a daily reminder that sanctity is not only achievable but in fact our sole purpose here on earth then this is a series for you. Short, profound, daily meditations on the saints and the liturgical year by best-selling author Fr. Patrick Troadec.

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These are great to learn more about the saints lifes and helps me to model mine after their's.