Church & The Land


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Fr. Vincent McNabb, O.P.Preface by William FaheyModern "wisdom" urges people to crowd into cities or their suburbs, to have few children, to live on credit. It teaches them to regard Industrialism as inevitable, and to view a life of speed and noise as both normal and desirable.The Catholic Church teaches the contrary. She proclaims rather that life on the land, the raising of large families, the possession of real wealth over artificial tokens, concern for the needs of men and not those of machines, and a focus on the life to come, are the hallmarks of a sane society.That profound teaching is summarized in The Church and the Land in a series of concise, penetrating, and challenging essays. Fr. McNabb speaks the truth: a truth that offers conviction for the puzzled mind and solace for the troubled soul.Fr. Vincent McNabb: Irishman, Dominican theologian, preacher, Distributist, social critic, mystic, and man of action. A legend in his own lifetime, he applied the fruits of his deep study of Saint Thomas Aquinas and his social principles to the real world, recording his reflections in 30 books and dozens of articles. His work offers the Catholic vision of Man in Society to a world sorely in need of it: a vision of man on the land, the family in the home, and the priest in the chapel. During his lifetime, he spoke with conviction, with knowledge, and with courage, and thereby inspired a generation. Today he remains an inspiration for all those seeking a vision of sanity, of tranquility, of order, and of life.188 pp. Softcover.