Economics and Salvation

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A unique edition of Pope Pius XI's encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, On the Reconstruction of the Social Order. Contains an introduction by Bishop Richard N. Williamson and four color graphs and charts by Bishop Williamson to help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the text. An invaluable study guide.

Written partially in response to the Great Depression, the Holy Father sets forth the principles of Catholic social order. This includes the right of a worker to a just wage, the proper balance of capital and labor, the principle of subsidiarity, the twin dangers of economic individualism and collectivism, the inherent problems of Socialism, the proper distribution of productive property and the restoration of the guilds.

"The present state of affairs...clearly indicates the way in which We ought to proceed. For We are now confronted, as more than once before in the history of the Church, with a world that in large part has almost fallen back into paganism. That these whole classes of men may be brought back to Christ Whom they have denied, we must recruit and train from among them, themselves, auxiliary soldiers of the Church who know them well and their minds and wishes, and can reach their hearts with a tender brotherly love. The first and immediate apostles to the workers ought to be workers; the apostles to those who follow industry and trade ought to be from among them themselves."

57pp, softcover, color charts.