Restoration Of Christian Culture


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"Dare we hope of a restoration?"

In this compelling "sequel" to his well-known book, The Death of Christian Culture, Dr. Senior answers this question with a genuinely realistic, but no less resounding, "yes."

The Restoration of Christian Culture continues warning of the ongoing extinction of the cultural patrimony of ancient Greece and Rome, medieval Europe, and the early-modern West, owing to the bureaucratization, mechanization, and standardization of life today. Beyond this, Senior offers challenging and provocative ideas for recapturing and living the cultural traditions of classical and Christian history.

Bringing the wisdom of giants such as Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas into touch with the social, political, and personal life of "modern man," Restoration shows us how we can once again become fellow citizens of a common Western culture.

Among Senior's credentials as a scholar and cultural and literary critic is his work in the University of Kansas Integrated Humanities Program, a four-semester course that combined aspects of the Socratic and "great-books" methods. It aimed to convince students, by cultivation of "poetic knowledge" based upon an immersion in the classics of Western thought, art, and literature, that there is a truth worth knowing. It resulted in numerous conversions to Catholicism and was the principal forum in which Senior worked out the keen insights and shocking observations presented in his books.

142 pages, softcover