2018 Conference 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae: Full Conference

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Never before in the history of mankind has society so thoroughly questioned every aspect of morality. The rise of new complex moral issues directly affect our ability to live as strong Catholics.

This year’s event was made to answer the questions these moral issues create. It is essential that we as Catholics are able to discern the right course of action, not only for ourselves, but also to educate the generations of tomorrow.

Track List. 

  1. Introduction - Fr. Jürgen Wegner, US Superior, SSPX
  2. Warfare, Bloodshed, and Innocence: When is War Just? - Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara, SSPX
  3. Immigration: A Catholic Perspective on What Borders Mean - Dr. John Rao
  4. Balance: Mental Health and the Traditional Catholic Life - Dr. Randall Flanery
  5. Harsh Lessons from Eternal Wisdom: The Church and Capital Punishment - Fr. John McFarland, SSPX
  6. Death Comes for us All: What do Catholics Need to Know? - Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara, SSPX
  7. A Catholic Doctor in the Modern World: Moral Dilemmas - Dr. Austin Welsh
  8. Collision of Authority: The Law and Catholic Life Issues - Dr. Brian McCall
  9. Navigating the Modern World: Catholics who Care about Life - Dr. John Rao
  10. 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae. Where is the Church Today? - Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX
  11. Children of God with the Fire of Charity - Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX
  12. What Does it Mean to be Pro-life in 2018? - Open Panel Discussion
  13. Roundtable Questions and Answer Session - Panel Discussion
  14. Conclusion - Fr. Jürgen Wegner, US Superior, SSPX

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