Nature Dignity And Mission Of Woman - eBook

Angelus Press

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Who shall find a valiant woman? far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her.

Women are attacked on all sides. One side of the attack finds its origin in Protestantism, in which women are sub-par creatures, not helpmates but slaves to men, never to develop the immense talents given by God. On the other side, far more common in our age, women are to remake themselves entirely into the strict imitation of men, breaking down all of the distinctions and differences which are the glory of woman. But what is the solution? Are we stuck in one or the other?

This excellent work The Nature, Dignity, and Mission of Woman is a resounding cry by Fr. Karl Stehlin against both of these errors. Fr. Stehlin, a priest with over 25 years of pastoral experience, takes up his pen to examine, explain, and defend real femininity. This book, the fruit of a series of talks given to young ladies at a Catholic boarding school, will help all Catholics, but especially the young, rediscover the immense dignity of being a woman, as lived out in accord with the plan of God‰ۡó»s creation.

Topics Covered Include:

The Human Being as the Image of God

Union of Opposites

The Essential Vocation of Woman: Virgo, Sponsa, Mater, Icona Immaculata

Woman as Home-Maker

Woman's Mission in Serving, Suffering, and Hoping

Today's Problems

Preserving Her Beauty

Finding Her Vocation

The Specific Choice of a Husband

Much more!

This book is perfect for any woman or young lady who wishes to understand her important role as a Catholic woman created in the image of God and given a beautiful nature, dignity, and mission!

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