On The Passion Of Christ


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This book is Thomas A Kempis' lesser known reflections on 35 various Gospel passages dealing with the Passion and Death of Christ, now newly translated into English. Thomas A Kempis wrote: If Jesus Crucified would come into our hearts, how quickly and perfectly we would be instructed in the spiritual life. This book makes Jesus Christ Crucified accessible in ways you haven't thought of. Each two-to-five-page entry offers a prayer, a meditation, and spiritual advice, and closes with another short prayer. Each chapter is devoted to an event of the Passion as read from the Scriptures, making for powerful reflections for SEPTUAGESIMA, LENT, and HOLY WEEK. Imagine these chapter titles for your composition of place:

  • How the Lord Jesus went to meet His betrayer
  • The desertion of Our Lord and the flight of the Apostles
  • Herod's deriding of Jesus
  • The angry shouts "Away with him!" and "Crucify him!"
  • The despoiling, mocking, crowning, and striking of Jesus' head
  • The Lord Jesus and His hanging naked, high, and long on the Cross
  • The crowd's insults and Jesus enduring perseverance on the Cross
  • His giving of the Blessed Mary and Saint John to each other
  • The lone dereliction of the Lord Jesus on the Cross
  • Fulfilling the Scriptures in the death of Christ and on the words "It is finished!"
  • The pitiable appearance of Jesus after His soul left His body
  • Prayers to members of Christ's body

170 pages. Sewn softcover. Illustrated.