2023 Digital Liturgical Calendar CSV

Angelus Press

SKU: DDLC2023csv

The Angelus Press 2023 Digital Liturgical Calendar for use in your Outlook, Google Calendar, Mac Calendar and more! This calendar contains all the same, great information as our standard calendar, but with the added benefit of a short explanation of that day's feast or saint! Start your day at your desk - or on your phone - with the Church's teaching.

This download is the for the CSV format, best used for Google Calendars.

Please use the ics file for Outlook and Mac. 

To install this calendar into most calendar apps:

1. Purchase and download the appropriate file for your app. (csv for Google, ics for Outlook and Mac).

2. In your calendar app create and name a new calendar. 

3. From within the calendar app, import the records using the file downloaded in Step 1. 

Click Here for help with Outlook. 

Click Here for help with iCloud Calendar (Mac).

Click Here for help with Google Calendar. 

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